external natural stone paving slabs made by Stone Concept

Our materials - exterior & interior stone cladding

We personally select the most suitable natural raw materials for interior and exterior stone cladding, identifying the types that most closely reflect the project brief and conform to the customer’s taste and requirements.

Our constant search for natural stones has often taken us abroad, where we’ve discovered unique, top-quality products from superb but relatively unknown quarries.

Combining traditional Italian stone processing methods with our incisive appreciation of current market trends and design, we can reconsider both local and European materials in the light of emerging project requirements and the expectations of our customers.


Sandstone is a soft, porous rock used mainly for architectural purposes (sandstone paving and cladding);
its smooth surface makes it particularly suitable for thick, solid objects such as monuments and statues.


A quarried, grainy stone mainly with split surface; it comes in various thicknesses and naturally warm colours. Very much sought after for flooring, cladding and interiors for spas, either as regular-sized blocks or opus incertum.


A quarried stone, mainly split surface, uniform in colour and in various narrow thicknesses; particularly suitable for design projects.


An effusive, quarried stone that is found mainly in the Alpine region, used principally in external settings; varying thicknesses with split surface.
Porphyry paving are ideal for urban areas such as piazzas and walkways with slabs or cobbles. In recent years it has also become popular for indoor use with treated surfaces.


Composite artificial materials that vary depending on content: cement-based aggregates are softer and resin-based ones are more hard-wearing. Also available with high natural stone, quartz or glass content. Resin-based types such as marble aggregates are ideal for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, whilst cement-based types are best for schools and public buildings.

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