Black&white photo of a man standing from the back admiring the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites Man standing from the back admiring the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites
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Stone Concept: natural stone for architecture and construction industry

"When stone is exciting” -  Simple materials for outstanding results

Our company has been highly successful in supplying and installing natural stone for almost 50 years; we have considerable experience in processing techniques for the construction industry, for architecture and for interior decoration, using marble, granite, porphyry, slate and other natural stones of the highest quality.

We create innovative, eye-catching solutions for natural stone flooring and external paving, for cladding walls and for transforming interiors, and we also build staircases, kitchen worktops and window sills.

Our background

The Barbolini company was established in Bolzano in 1966 by Fabio Barbolini, who understood that businesses, professionals and local authorities all need the advice of a consultant and partner when choosing masonry materials and the technical solutions that go with them.

By supplying the right blend of skill and expertise they needed, he was soon successful enough to set up a technical department to handle surveys, planning, record-keeping, management and eventually accounts for the site work he did relating to natural stone.

His son Stefano took over in 2000 after introducing a number of changes, including computerising the office, establishing a new department for ventilated walls and raised floors and establishing relationships with clients and foreign suppliers, and the company became Stone Concept Srl.


Natural stone is transformed into a work of art when it is used for architecture and interior décor,
creating a unique masterpiece by combining the synergy of raw materials and their processing and design within a geographic and historic context.

Choosing the right stone and satisfying all these requirements forms the basis of success for any project.

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